Our Story

Alyne Pormentilla


I am Alyne Pormentilla, Founder and CEO of LaserCraftsPH. I am a wife to Joedex and a homeschooling mom to Matteo and Aly.

What started as a creative outlet for me as a first-time mom has blossomed into a business I operate from home while I teach my kids and take care of the family.

From the start, it has been a collaboration between me and fellow moms on what they need and what I can design and create for them. We first created cake toppers in May 2017, then personalized Christmas ornaments followed by other bespoke home and event decorations, and gift items in the succeeding years. And now in 2021, by request, we are also creating learning tools for homeschooling moms like me.

Our products are lovingly designed and created to support other moms who want to make learning fun, interactive and engaging for their kinesthetic learners as well as help the moms who want to decorate their homes and events with something personal, reflecting their family values and style.

We also have collaborations with other creative entrepreneurs in helping make their ideas come to life.

If you have any product ideas or have feedback, please send us a message thru Facebook, Instagram or our email address, lasercraftsph@gmail.com. We are always open to connect and collaborate.

Thank you for visiting our shop!